Building a Balanced Modified Car

If you want to build a somewhat balanced modified car, you need to understand several concepts, including performance, handling, breakaway numbers, weight distribution and overall balance.

If you are new to the world of car modifications, start with learning about vehicle dynamics. Just like when playing roulette online you want to know how roulette works and how a specific site works, with cars you want to know how the dynamics applies to cars in general and also what happens to your specific car.

The best way to study vehicle dynamics practically is to attend lessons at a performance driving school. The instructors will teach you about how you can figure out the behavior of your car in critical situations and at its limits by simulating various conditions, situations, and scenarios, including panic stops and emergency lane changes.

To be able to identify what modifications you can do so that you still feel safe when driving your car, you need practical experience. A performance driving school is a place where you can get the experience. Since modification process usually takes some time, you can also sign up for auto cross or refresher classes to make sure that what you are doing to the car increases the safety.

In addition to studying car dynamics, one of the best things you can do to improve the performance of your modifications is to buy adjustable components. In an accident scenario, you don’t have time to think and act based on your reflexes. Fundamentally, your car in such a situation becomes an extension of you and it will do exactly what your input will prompt it to do.

For this reason, you want to adjust your car to you as much as possible. You want it to feel safe, predictable, controllable and intuitive. This is something you can accomplish when you invest in adjustable sway bars, sway bar end links, camber plates, springs, shocks and coil overs.