Car Modifications and Safety

A smart car modifier knows car safety is a critical part of every car modification project.

There are two classes of safety that every modern car comes with. They are active and passive safety. You can modify and improve both.

Active safety is what helps your car to stay safe on the road and avoid accidents. It includes the ability of your car to accelerate, brake, and turn to avoid accidents.

Passive safety is the equipment that protects car occupants during an accident. Passive safety includes the structure of a car that preserves integrity and moves life-threatening impact forces away from car passengers.

Car modifiers are usually very proud of the fact that seemingly dangerous modifications that improve car performance also increase active safety and make cars safer overall. For example, a 6,000 Sports Utility Vehicle may be a safe car because of its mass relatively to other cars on the road, but turning it into a well-balanced sports car decreases the risks that come with standard knobby tires and an elevated center of gravity.

All other things being the same, a car that stops faster and stays stable at higher speeds will do a better job of keeping its occupants safe compared to a car that needs a lot of room to stop and behaves less predictably during turns.

Obviously, for a car with better performance to also be safer it also needs a driver that drives responsibly. All too often accidents involving modified cars occur because misguided performance enthusiasts find out that the modifications often result in their cars easily going off balance on public roads when experiencing normal imperfections and weather conditions. While a modified car may perform much better at higher limits in ideal conditions, this is often not what happens on public roads, especially with unskilled drivers.