What You Need to Know About Various Car Seats

Specialized car seats not only look great but can also significantly improve the performance and safety of your car.

Standard factory seats that your car originally came with have two major benefits. They are comfort and safety. Typically, factory seats are more comfortable and adjustable to a wide range of bodies.

When it comes to safety, many standard seats come with side airbags, automatically locking seatbelts and sometimes even pretensioners, which are mechanisms that tighten seatbelts during accidents.

Standard seats also come with a lot of negatives. First, they are heavy and can weigh up to 180 pounds per pair. They have hinges that can break, which is very dangerous during an accident. Finally, standard seats often offer minimal side support to the driver and the passengers. A driver that is comfortable and securely positioned in a seat is often better focused and more alert compared to a driver that has to hold the door in order not to slide around.

There are many companies on the market that offer great competition seats, including Recaro, Momo, and Sparco. Usability and comfort of these seats depend largely on your body type and personal preferences. If you are looking to drive your car to work on a daily basis in addition to using it on a track, pure shell-style bucket seats are probably not a good choice, but seats that offer a mix of functionality and performance do exist.

While racing seats are much less adjustable compared to standard seats, they do provide much more support. They can also be extremely light and weigh as little as six pounds. Finally, their construction allows them to withstand much more force compared to regular seats.

Sports seats usually cost between $250 and $1,500 per seat, depending on the materials, design, weight and certification. Two most popular certifications for sports seats are by International Federation of Automobiles and Technical Inspection Association.